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We introduce to you our new 2019 More than Gifts catalogue!

With our 2019 collection we are proud to present you with exciting and inspiring gift ideas. With a combination of best sellers, functional as well as fun and up to date items, we enable you to create successful campaigns and provide a service that delivers added value and benefit to your customers. Whilst always maintaining our commitment to our three core values: innovation, product & printing inspiration and a commitment to quality.

We introduce a new yearly catalogue every year in February. In September we launch our complementary Christmas/ End of Year Catalogue, full of inspiring Christmas- and business gifts, to offer you the perfect tool to serve your customers during the end of year high-season. Please have a look at our virtual catalogues below.

Besides our More than Gifts virtual catalogues, we offer some additional themed online brochures for you to use.

More than Gifts 2019 – Innovative gifts for your inspiration

Our gift collection portfolio includes all major product categories from traditional and functional items to new technology gadgets and accessories. This ensures that you will always find the ideal product to deliver your message, taking your marketing, advertising or promotions to the next level.

In short, our new catalogue will present you with:

  • Over 200 new products
  • Over 400 pages filled with inspirational ideas
  • A trendy and complete textile collection, Print&Wear, consisting of branded textile essentials with the best availability and shortest lead times
  • An extended reference to our YourChoice – customized gifts program. We offer low minimum order quantities, quick delivery, full compliance and ease of working. Create any product in just a few simple steps
  • Products that are consistently safe, socially compliant and environmentally respectful

Through our experience and quality printing service, we can help you achieve maximum brand exposure for any event or campaign.

In short, we aim to surprise you with a fresh new catalogue and collection. We offer far more than just products and a catalogue. You can trust us to deliver your printed orders in the shortest lead times and at extremely competitive prices.

Get comfortable, take your time, select the gift that best suits your requirements, and let us take care of the rest. Success is guaranteed.

View the digital catalogue 2019

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